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Traditionally, we will sleep in our own tents. The camping ground is equipped with showers with hot water, bathrooms and toilets.


If you plan to arrive with your own caravan or camper van you should register before 30 June 2019 and mark such an option in the booking form. We have a limited number of available spaces so the order of applications decides.

Basic electricity for lighting will be available (200 W, you should have your own extension cord). The electricity available will not be sufficient for electric ovens, kettle or heating. We plan to put up a tent at the caravan site where you will be able to use an electric kettle.

The contribution for parking there is PLN 15 or €4 per day. We do not offer caravans for rent at the site.


There are two hotels in the neighbourhood:

  • Hotel OLEŃKA › tel. +48 797 848 222, +48 501 602 900.
  • Hotel Piast – tel: +48 24 276 6334.

The nearest larger towns with a wider selection of hotels up to 30 km from Kuchary are Płońsk, Glinojeck, Sierpc and Płock.

Manor house

Rooms and bathrooms in the main center building are reserved for team members and guests.


Our kitchen will be serving 3 meals a day (meat and vegetarian) at the site. Food is included in the participation contribution fee.

For the hygienic reasons we use single-use plates and cutlery so you do not need to bring any of these of your own. In fact, you wouldn’t even be able to use them. There will also be a cafeteria with delicious coffee, home made cakes etc. Hot water will also be available.


This year there will be no childcare organised. Parents have to take care of their children on their own.

There will be a basic playground with a sandpit, a swing, a small football course and small tents in case of rain available. Please note that the Gompa tent is not an appropriate site for children to play.

We will also prepare a small area for children 0-4 in the dining tent.

Please remember that unattended children and minors cannot be present at the course site. Parents are solely responsible for their children.


Lectures and meditation sessions will be led in Polish and English, depending on the needs and possibilities.

It may be the case that Polish or English translation is available only through the FM radio so we recommend to bring your own FM radios with headphones.

Parking site

There will be enough parking places at our guarded parking site. The contribution for using it is PLN 5 or €1.25 per day for a car and PLN 20 or €5 for a bus. For environmental and safety reasons no cars or bikes are allowed in the park/camping site of the centre.

Also, please mind not to leave your car unattended at our neighbours land bordering the centre or at a roadside.


The nearest town is Drobin (4 km from Kuchary) and you can get there with public transport. Please see our getting here site › for directions from the airport and Warsaw.

During the course, 15-18 August there will be a shuttle bus running between Kuchary and Drobin main bus stop. The shuttle service will be running on request only, between 9:00 and 20:00. To get to Kuchary from Drobin please call ‭+48 883 950 108 and wait at the main bus stop in the town centre (Drobin Rynek).

The contribution for shuttle one way is 4 PLN or 1 EUR.


Each year, over two hundred friends from the summer course team and dozens of helpers from the job centre work together at the course.


If you have the surplus and are willing to work for an hour or two a day to fully become the participant of the course, visit our Job centre located in the dining/cafeteria tent.


The building up of the course actually starts in spring but our efforts intensify in June and July, especially over weekends when many helpers can join in. If you have the time and wish to join, please write us at


  • Bring your own tent, air mattress/carrimat and a warm sleeping bag
  • A torch, raincoat and wellington boots may also be useful
  • Meditation cushion and a blanket will help your meditation
  • Please do not bring any animals or pets to the course
  • Drinking or being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is not allowed at the course site.
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