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Camping Ground

Tradinionally, we will sleep in our own tents. The camping ground is equipped with showers with hot water, bathrooms, toilets and boiling water from field kitchen

Campers and Caravans

If you plan to arrive with caravan or camper, register as soon as possible (before 15 June) and mark it in registration form. Amount of available spaces is limited so the order of application decides.

Basic electricity for lighting will be available (200 W, you should have your own extension cord). The electricity available will not be sufficient for electric ovens, kettle or heating.

Contribution for parking is 25 PLN/day.

We do not offer caravans for rent at the site


There are two hotels in the nearest area:

  • Hotel-Karczma OLEŃKA, tel. 797 848 222, 502 981 167
  • Kraszewo Czubaki agroturystyka, tel. 530 543 730

Manor House

Sleeping places, toilets and bathrooms in Manor House are dedicated to team members and guests only.


Our kitchen serves 3 meals a day in both vegetarian and meat options.
Food is not included in base cost . We encourage to buy food separately by marking necessary fields in registration form. Disposable single-use cutlery is provided.

Cafeteria serving coffee, soft drinks, cakes and some sandwiches will be available.

In Camping field there will be boiling water available from field kitchens.


There will be no organized childcare this year. Parents will be responsible for taking care of their kids.
Playground will be available with basic equipment: sandpit, swing, small football course and small 5m x 10m tent in case of rain.
Please note that main lecture/meditaion tent is not for kids play.

Teenagers below 18 y/o can participate in course only under supervision of theirs attending parents. We would like to remind that unattended kids and minors cannot be present at the course site. Parents are solely responsible for their children.


Traveling teachers lectures and meditation sessions will be led in Polish. Simultaneous translation will be done over radio to English and other languages depending on needs and possibilities.

There will be possibility of renting small radio with headphones in case of need.


Parking places will be available at the course site. For environmental and safety reasons no cars or bikes are allowed in the park/camping site of the centre. We also urge you not to leave your parked vehicles near at the roadside or at the field of our neighbors.

Daily Parking fee
10 PLN – car / 30 PLN for the whole course
30 PLN – bus


Nearest town where you can get with public transport is Drobin – around 4km away from Kuchary. During the course, 29 of June – 02 of July, there will be shuttle service on request, between 10:00 and 20:00. Shuttle service will be going up to once per hour and will pick you up from the Drobin center (Rynek) main bus stop. To get to Kuchary please call +48 883 950 108.
Transport fee for one way shuttle is 5 PLN.

Service Group

You can help in organization of the course in on of two ways:

1 – Job center

If  you’re willing to work for an hour or more we will welcome you in Job Center. You can find us in dining tent.

2 – Service group

For those whom want to help full time in this course. If you are interested in this option please call Misiek, tel. +48 603 581 663.

Stay and help is required 2 days before, whole course and 2 days after the course – 2 of July – 9 of July (in own tent). Your presence is needed for smooth organization, planning and cleaning.
Dependency for service group discounts is attendance in first service group meeting on Tuesday, 2nd of June 2024 12:00 together with helping until evening of 4th of July.

To friends in service group we offer:

  • discount on course
  • food
  • attendance of those lectures and meditation which do not collide with your responsibilities and work


  • Bring your own tent, air mattress/sleeping mat and a warm sleeping bag
  • A torch, raincoat and wellington boots may also be useful
  • Meditation cushion and a blanket will help your meditation
  • Please do not bring any animals or pets to the course
  • Drinking or being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is not allowed at the course site.
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