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Contribution for participating in course

Contribution covers access to meditation sessions, lectures and tent field. Food is not included. You need to buy food separately by marking respective fields in registration form.

Contribution is the same no matter if you sleep in tent, camper, hotel or anywhere else.
If you come in the afternoon, contribution is 2/3 for that day.
If you come in the evening – 1/3.
Day of leaving is counted fully. Only exception is if you leave before first session. In that case contribution is not charged at all.

Contribution for stay before and after course is 30 PLN a day.
Registration system will automatically calculate proper amount. Only thing required is to properly fill registration form.

Contribution for course (without food)
Contribution for
1 day

Contribution for everything
Base Contribution 90 PLN 360 PLN
Iron Yogis 75 PLN 300 PLN
Children and Minors of age 4-17 51 PLN 204 PLN
Kids 0-3 lat 0 PLN 0 PLN
Food 60

Children and Family contributions

Underage (below 18 years old) can aprticipate in course only under supervision of their parents. Parents are fully responsible for their underage children.

Family with children

Parents pay discounted contribution of Iron Yogis. Additionally each children is payed separately according to table above.

Single parent with children

Single parent witch children pays discounted contribution of Iron Yogi for themselves and for their children according to the table above.
For kids 0-3 we do not take any fee.

Once again, you don’t need to calculate anything yourself. Our online registration system will do this for you once you provide the exact dates and times of your arrival and departure.

If you come from one of the Eastern countries and cannot afford the full contribution, please let us know when registering on site in the registration tent and ask for the Iron Yogis discount (ca. 20%).

Online registration and prepay

Registration and payment for course and food is available only through registration form available under link or by cash on the spot (EUR accepted).

Registration is already open!


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