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Participation contribution

The contribution includes staying at the site and entrance to all the lectures and initiations. If you chose to stay elsewhere the contribution fee remains the same.

If you arrive in the afternoon the contribution for this day is 2/3 of the daily contribution fee and if you arrive in the evening you will only contribute 1/3. The day you leave is counted in a similar way: if you leave in the morning before the first session you contribute nothing for this day. If you leave before lunch, you contribute 1/3 of the fee and if you leave before dinner, you contribute 2/3 of the fee. The contribution of staying at the site before and after the course is €4 per day.

These contribution fees do not include food. You may opt for it at an additional contribution.

If you register now and choose to prepay for the course and food before 10 June 2018 the food contribution will be €10 per day. If you do it after this date or on the spot in the registration tent, the food contribution will be €11 per day. There is a 50% discount on food for children below 18yo.

You don’t need to calculate anything yourself. Our online registration system will do this for you once you provide the exact dates and times of your arrival and departure.

Contribution per day
Travelling teachers
Lama Ole Nydahl
On site 12 EUR 24 EUR
Prepay (until 10.06) 12 EUR 21 EUR
Iron Yogis
(Kuchary sangha)
12 EUR 18 EUR
Children 5–17 8 EUR 12 EUR
Children 0–4 3 EUR 3 EUR

If you come from one of the Eastern countries and cannot afford the full contribution, please let us know when registering on site in the registration tent and ask for the Iron Yogis discount (ca. 20%).


Prepay contribution fees are only available if you register online and prepay until 10 June 2018. Please use your registration ID in the title of the bank transfer.

Account holder

Buddyjski Związek Diamentowej Drogi Linii Karma Kagyu
Kuchary 57
09-210 Drobin

Account number

IBAN: PL48124017211111000007257049


Bank PEKAO S.A. II Oddzial w Plocku
ul. Kolegialna 14A
PL09402 Plock

Family contribution

Families with children (2 parents + children)

One parent contributes the prepay fee and another a child 5-17 fee. Additionally you also contribute appropriately for each of your children.

Single parents with children

If you are a single parent with a child you can contribute a child 5-17 fee for yourself and appropriately for each child.

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